Any time you are reading, watching or learning something you are consuming an information product.If people are searching for the information on your task then you have likely chosen a good information product to market.

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Enjoyment of what money brings into our life is fully experienced at the peak of the curve.

Personal freedom allows the opportunity to take action on our concerns for others.

They include working, investing, and creating income streams. Working 96% of the population makes their money through working a job. It is the worst way to build wealth and freedom, as time is limited and thus so is money.

You have to give up a large part of your life to make good money working. Investing About 3% of the population makes money through investing. It can give one freedom but it can be risky and usually involves having a lot of money to achieve ultimate freedom through investing. Creating Income Streams This leaves the third way of making money: creating multiple income streams.

This is by far the best way and is accessible to most people.

You may be surprised to know that only 1% of the population earns their money through creating multiple streams of income.

Where these two lists overlap will be where your passion lies.

To get you started on an interest list consider the following questions: In order to develop your passions you may need to find new interests and take some risks.

To help in developing your passions and recognizing them I recommend that you build two lists.

Create one list defining your interests and the other defining your skills.

Fitness is one of my passions, and together with a friend we figured out this great system for getting as fit and strong as professional athletes. A passion is an area that a person has interest and skill.