Molly Lund, the site’s chief operating officer, said though anti-gunners may mistake it as inflammatory, the site is not meant as a political dating statement.

One of the men gives them their target: a tree, perhaps 50 feet away.

Another man, seemingly slurring, adds, 'On the count of three, you're all gonna fire.' Another man shouts, 'The f***ing tree is going down!

It's no surprise that locals often get frustrated with tourists who visit their home city.

Some tourists have behaved very badly while traveling, from knocking over art displays while taking selfies to throwing items at the Queen's Guard in London.

One user said, 'Really needed the tree to fall on them for the perfect ending,' while another suggested that it was an easy target.'That tree was dead, dried out and had been termite food for years.....(to say nothing of the back cut that was placed in the trunk).

Singles who are passionate about Second Amendment rights can now look for love on a new online dating site."GOA holds that any such limitations are unconstitutional and would open the door to additional regulations, even while doing nothing to stop evil people from committing heinous acts.” - @erichmpratt… Support your Gun Rights while shopping on Amazon Smile -- even for non-firearm products!Tag a friend to encourage more #2A support -- and make sure to select Gun Owners Foundation!Jim Minthorn, the site's owner who "loves guns, loves family ...writing long, opinionated op-eds and helping his neighbor with his cattle," created the site to be a safe place for gun enthusiasts to connect, according to his bio."We are not here to discriminate," Lund said.The site also restricts contact to between paid members in an effort to prevent spam or anti-gun rhetoric.