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One of the key things is to find the right sites to write for.

Here are some of the best ones in different industries.

If you have zero wiggle room in your budget, however, we suggest playing it safe for now and only inviting the max number of peeps you can afford.3.

Keep close friends and family in the same tiers Because the last thing you need is a couple of mutual friends comparing notes and finding out one was second best, yikes!

Click through and see just how to go about landing yourself a father in the streets and a daddy in the sheets.

You can reach huge audiences with guest blogging and grow your business very quickly—if you do it right.

For this very reason, wedding planner Sandy Malone, owner of Wedding in Vieques, advises putting all the cousins or co-workers you'd like to potentially invite on your second-tier list.

"You have to make sure they're all on the same RSVP deadline invitation, or they're going to know what you were up to."See More: Tricks to Trimming The Guest List4.

"This will help to relieve stress right before your wedding if you have more seats to fill and are wondering who else to invite." You can even order it in terms of priority.