The glamorous presenter gave up TV to run pubs with her husband Fred Mudd, the lead singer of pop group The Mudlarks, before retiring to Spain.Williams, who turns 80 this year, still keeps in touch with the show and sends Blue Peter a birthday card every year, the BBC reports.

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He returned to presenting shortly before his death in 1992, appearing as a regular guest on BBC Radio 2's Are You Sitting Comfortably.

The year after winning Miss Great Britain in 1957, 21-year-old Leila Williams joined Blue Peter as the show's first female presenter.

She left the show in 1979 to look after her husband Terry Gabell, a editor on the show, who had multiple sclerosis.

Judd went on to front her own children's show, In The Limelight With Lesley, and was a presenter on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour between 19.

In 1984 they tried again and got no further than Majorca and ended up settling.

In 2015 he sparked a huge search when he disappeared for 10 hours near his home in Andratx, on the Spanish island of Majorca.

He went on to produce a string of TV documentaries.

For a time he presented 'Groom's Gold' for BBC Radio Sheffield.

But he stayed for more than a decade, appearing alongside Noakes, Singleton and Lesley Judd.

Purves continued to present segments for the show even after leaving as a full-time host.

He went on to present Crufts, Stopwatch and We're Going Places.