They will bn under the d Iroc Uon of the Evalia and Johnson funeral home at Buhl. Ttu'M sill tine .-oil dooi: )■ Bardtnets rujoy slartln B to- cabbn KC, egsplnnl. Hut nobody at Waslilnglon will pli fallh In thnt prospect un OI FS3. withdraws from the race Irrevocably, Obviously, Mr. Ireland, Palestine, the Bsllti ilhout iintn Ronli In K either Sinlln or Churrhllt. MORE THOUGHTS ON TAXES How that the Ides of March are past It may seem like reopening old wounds to bring up the matter of taxes. KS, Apt M 1 [n-IV^'fl- FUlt Mirtid N»i«»i-C»il V.i 5.l»t.l' le D XM la tl Mt.

Funeral arrangements are p«ndms word from tel BUvea. As * rule depth ot the furrow Is lour limes the thick- ness ot the ferib. Unfortunately, his I theme vns burled under and rounded by numeroiu wordy ■lon A, and did not teglit^r public mind, Mr. h devoting our main efforts 1 13) thai we Intend to [Ight :, It neccisar? eo that Ic itatui will be improi a Churchill and Stalin that 1 Ihenj at that famous ihij^;m.'h.* — invcrniillona nnd wr Itln B: and «Blirc6»lve In his foreign l Kllcy it he were not a candidal Einanttlhi K (rom ihlj Irlendly lource, lucli remarks s UEKcat thai there la a chnnce he may not seek re- nomlnallon. Twin Fa Us Maikets 4 du Ur QBSM) Cru and (lock ra«L 100 lb*. s III dwlm Qi MUd) diss IFIn dw Wn mot^i (In dnyan qwtod) Online lain Om, ,- itjta.

kcs will be conducted by an Epl.'-copnl minister who had not been tielccled loi Uy. Bonit troops swam over, pushing their rifles, tommy guns and ammim]. first hours small but growing bridgeheads were eitabl Lsli- ed across the Prut. Pressure groups of one sort and another have helped them In. RENOMINATIONS — llic %■ Ice -p res 111 nce.i will be nlmait as Imporinnt flfiiircs bcr Bs ihc men wlio head the Iwa tlckrta. Only the high command can under- itand the situation and, the requlrtmenta ot our mili- tary exertlona and when they are willing lo lake a reduction In tlie produc Uon ot war goods In order to get fighting men the nation can have only one Unfortunately, Uiere fits been a lot ot loose. ;'i"™l Butter and Eggs Citl CAGD r KODUCK Cl IICARO.

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be able ' ot course, Ihry will vol whclmlngly fur the fourth t Already Kelly's 3. "tr(1 Comv Cnnlln-'iiliil Oil Deli Curtis Wrlcht Dupont - ... J S3 Stewart Warner 13'; Studebakcr Corp t - 14'1 Stinshlna Mining V.

While fie Is ] talking Whereby he belle centage ot Chlcngoani now In'lhq Ed services nil! Standard Gas i Heclrlc 'i Standard Oil Cnl ZS^ Standard OH N. Wi Union Cnjbldo 'JB'i Union Pacific 104 Unlied Aircraft ^ aa'i United Corp.

Rose Is taking post-ntaduatt work In the clinics of Amarl U* and Mineral Wells. V/han am ii full, taka it to your btitdiet: ba eritl givo 2 £[M red p^ti anil 4« for «v«f7 poaac L Start tocbqrl Bott Leaves for Chicago Meeting BOISE, Aiwll a (IV-Oov. Bottolfsen wi U [lartli-ipate alth oth- er members ol a Re Ciutillcan acrl- cultural c Oia\mlltee in dmwlni; up a farm phuik for suhm Uilii H to the parlj''^ national conwnllon. The American hiatltute of Ac- countants Is urging congress to establish as soon as po.sslbia a nnailf led non-partisan commission composed ot members ol con- gre.s.s, representatives of the treasury depart- ment, and Independent lawyers, accountants and economists to write a simple revenue law which will express a permanent and consist- ent policy of federal taxation." Two bills providing for the establishment of svich a non-partisan commission have been Introduced In congresa recently, one by Rcp' lesentatlve Carlson of Kansas, tho other by Representative Forand of Rhode Island. SH Il Tl Qn A Lmu Awot UUon - Ford matter Oloba Seed * f Md Co.

t, 'doar Lord, to bear /■ th Ml tnj hoy on toa» /«r thon Shoold.woanlod tlo, mad t aot Urn- (Alwtyi I WM t2»n Mon^ TAtt mmomel M noir tahn nty plae% Bendi in jdtr. OA, by Ttij traca, ' tathisa feel my pn w cc, toot I OTHERS of America, you na male* hhn feel jtm pm- eece In avety reef gsh iu Uh Uu Iim olntmc Dt to ti Mt 35 mttoi M ' So nveevetrpredota drop oftned fats (tn any Uodoftlncu, not itott). The more congres H and the treasury de- purtmen L talk nboii L slmpl Uyltig the whole bunglesomc process, the more complicated 11 all becomes. "Tax reform ts of Interest to millions of Americans," he points out, "and the nccount- iii R profession Is taking the lead In .irglnn ctirigrcsslonul action in the .slmpliricatlon of revenue laws. Bawk Td Tnctar Cb, □ndwn-CUik Sb M Btori * * Idabo Dep Brtmettl Stan . Idaho En Pred DDen Co^P Anocla Uo D Idaho Pftckln K Co.

Jojci Wellj on Ui B Job nt city water de parlment . lliat bruiievtr plichbig lo the Red Crorj niiraes' aides- , . Pol' correspondent, whl malic account of the red arm) siu-He onto enemy roil. Ott-ncr Lcc Stoddard, who d Lwov- ered the cnyote'i presence sevcroi weclcj »fio when he cnme upon six dead ihecp. He hlitd huntpr Lnrrj- Allen to do the Job, Allen's irnliu'd bloodhounds only KOl sore feel on two previous expedi- tions. M, Oooken, chief machinist' mate, 1) on overseas duly. An interesting tax sidelight U provided by a recent Gallup poll, which found that 65 per cent of those questioned favored a sates tax over higher Income taxes.

A crew la made up of two men operating a tractor, cultivator and Former War Worker Asks Divorce Order Claiming tiial his wife's attitude toward him changed. They hauled It TTilia win ended the brief r^aga ot nn ntilmal Uinl had outwitted some of Llilii area's lop Imnterji while Uv- ing on cliolce hclec Uons from the Island's flock of 800 purebred sheep. Mrs, Mc Meeken bai bec D operettns the poat ottlca uid bai l Ued tor the extunlnatlon. Ed Dalbr, Kins HIU, Una ' cone lo Drlggs, Ida., to visit her mother. At least the privi- lege ot doing It the easy way Is now extended to persons making up to S5000 a year. was arrested and pnid a tl OO fine for drunken drlylng here ir«ntly. arer- •se In ■ lew wteki time vitta the A'TOS plan. "After this Job Is finished, the fate of the proposed non-partisan commission to undertake com^ plete cevlslon of the tax system depends prl^ marlly on the public support for the Idea. Teia* DRUNKEN Dltnl Ka DDIUJry, April S-Orvlnd P, Pe- terson, Jlupert. ' lit left last nlfiht to attend the eomtnlltee meetln* at Chlcajd. "Congress at the moment la absorbed wlt^ the Immediate problem of simplifying the Individual Income tax," says Deaton. m a ajxrech here n.i n port ot his rampalcn for Nebraska's IS coni-en- tltm Totes tor the OOP presidential no,-nlnallon, Wlllkla asked thit the nallnn Oirow nil Its resoiirtcs Into a ■touiih war" with a view ot' saving IUtj hy sliortenlnii Uio confllc L WUlkle «l\o snid tlint present con- duct of the wiir threnlcned "lo mort- (Tsite the futur* arid make the men liflitl^n B pny for II after Uiey re- Tlie loto Rl»d U 1, Itll. Still siillerlng Irom a mental lian B-ovcr nllcr wreslllii E llirouuli their March 15 returns, tlic ■ people are now belnij deluged with copies of the next Income tax report which must be riled by April IStli by many persons. T, Dcaton ot Poca- Icllo, president of the Idaho Society of Cerll- ricd Public Accountants, has a good bueec^- tlon. WUlkle aald today that the administration Is permlltlni the ns Uon to tight A war without socrl- Hc* hy the c U'l Ilan popu Ia Uon. mnscui PTio N katei UAIL— PATADLB t N ADVANd HERE'S OUR OI'I'ORTUNITY No one needs to be reminded that Ihe na- tion's present revenue laws ;ire a mess. A Resionol Newspaper Serving Nine lrrl Kuled Idaho Counties FINAL CITY EDITION VOL.