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When discussing the series' future, Frances Berwick, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Lifestyle Networks' president, revealed: "Bad Girls Club, at this stage, I don't see it on Oxygen linear (referencing that it could air in a non-linear media form).

Beyond that, we haven't figured it out yet." Beyond the common occurrence of violence and combat, other reasons for the premature exits of cast members have been from bullying, ostracism and alienation from the rest of the housemates, problems at home, court proceedings, or their own narcissism.

A Bad Girl believes in jumping first and looking later. This altercation draws in many viewers and keeps them wondering what will happen next. The cast of season two were given mandatory non-profit jobs to help them build a work ethic and to experience the stabilizing effect of being interdependent with others, for example in teamwork and commitment, to equip them for success in later life.

Quitting the job or failure to attend resulted in mandatory removal from the show.

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