When a court resolves a particular dispute, the record of this decision is case law, which may be used as authority in a future case.

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The Uniform Commercial Code Article 2 on the Sale of Goods is basically a codification of existing commercial law.

The UCC drafters tried to write down the generally understood business practices between merchants for the sale of goods.

The UCC "fills in the gaps," providing controlling contract terms where the contracting merchants either didn’t agree or just forgot to discuss the matter.

In many commercial transactions, the buyer and seller only discuss how many goods, how much to pay, and perhaps when delivery or payment is due.

Provides application of the UCC, subject matter and general definitions. Accordingly, the UCC is not entirely uniform in all 50 states.

Also, each state’s court system can reach different results when interpreting the code provisions.

Rather, this chapter will include a brief discussion of the UCC, generally speaking.

We will then highlight parts of UCC Article 2 on the Sale of Goods that are likely to impact a supplier or purchaser of construction materials. Congress, the Virginia General Assembly, other state legislatures, and even a county board of supervisors.

This discussion is based generally on the Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania Uniform Commercial Code provisions.

Fortunately, if you understand the Uniform Commercial Code in one state, you understand it in all states.

The UCC takes a very pragmatic and common sense approach to commercial transactions.