Some men may not know or do not have the slightest idea if a woman is ready to be kissed.

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Some go to the movies, have some coffee at the local coffee house, or dine in an expensive restaurant so as to impress their dates.

Dates like these just need a little jump-start to be more effective.

If a guy finds himself talking to a girl and wondering if she’s ready to be kissed, he may softly touch her hair and give a compliment about it.

If the girl shows a favorable reaction, this may be a sign of getting closer to a kiss. Touch the hair tips and simply gaze on her lips and eyes.

First date kisses mostly involve light pecks at the cheeks or even on the lips.

These kisses should only be allowed once you feel comfortable enough with your date.

The fact that she does not mind about you getting closer to her is a sign that she is comfortable. Some guys try to go out on an adventurous date in order to make the kissing move more suave and natural.

One particular example is a guy who usually takes a girl to a small boat ride on a river.

At the end of the date, you can give him a light peck at the cheeks if you had fun with him on your first date after he has taken you home safe and sound.