A concern for some is the gap of time between the student’s internship and their first job in the industry, yet Lawrence’s position with The Brand Lab allows him to help those students navigate the college process and ensures they have the resources they need.

Since The Brand Lab’s inception in 2007, an outpouring of support from local agencies and professionals took the program to new heights.

In 2009, The Brand Lab began rolling in a whole new direction.

They don’t even know this career path exists.” When John Olson, founder of the Olson advertising agency, walked around his office one day back in 2007, he realized a lack of diversity in the midst of a population that was growing more and more diverse.

Olson took matters into his own hands by creating The Band Lab and worked with his agency employees to teach marketing to students at Minneapolis South High School.

“It wouldn’t be possible without partners like Celarity, and with all of these ad agencies, clients and corporations, our non-profit partners, and everyone who really kind of bonds together for this overall goal of diversifying the industry.” Lawrence is delighted by The Brand Lab’s loyal support system, and has seen continual development as more and more companies realize the need for growth.

“Celarity signed on as a partner and supports The Brand Lab — we work together.Blink Fitness Club’s Mark Rothbart (front, 2nd from l), director of operations; Juan Mendez (front, c); Jacqueline Estrada (front, r), Greater New York City Area - ‎Area PT and Operations manager and the team were eager to cut the ribbon.For about 70 Twin Cities students, the summer of 2017 will perhaps yield an insightful career path — one they never knew existed and could trigger so much passion and opportunity.It’s a new partnership with Celarity and we’re really excited about it.” When students are selected for an internship with The Brand Lab, they begin the program building professional development skills before they’re placed as an intern with some of the top marketing agencies or corporations around the Twin Cities.Many of those students aren’t aware that working in the field is an option, and are often introduced to a path they couldn’t imagine a life without, thanks to Olson’s idea to start The Brand Lab.“They’re able to see themselves work in an environment like that. We really want to provide 360 degrees of support for them.” New faces make an appearance each year and slowly expand into the workforce. That really is the reason why The Brand Lab exists and why we’re a non-profit. On the student side, it’s obviously a huge benefit.