I have a friend who told me that she believes that people express love differently, which is certainly true, and that some people can love someone deeply, but not ever express affection. He's the one who had sex with me when I brush my teeth, when I wash the dishes ,when I sleep, when Im on the computer, he's the one who taught me dirty words and sex positions I have never heard before. The first 2years I can't take it at all, I got depressed and cannot take care of my son and always blaming myself why did this happened I cried and cried every time he ignores me, I drink alone to forget everything while he's sleeping and snoring and dreaming in the dreamland.

I don't know, I just find that really hard to believe. he comes home from singapore after a month (because he works there) pass me his bag and don't even thought of giving me a hug or even a "how are you"? He cooks for me which is his passion, he cooks for everybody not just me.

I have been married for about a year and a half, been together four years.

Again try winning an argument with someone who can remember every facet of something she’s researched.

When we first met fifteen years ago, part of what initially attracted me to her (besides the fact that she is incredibly hot), was that she was independent and didn’t seem to care what other people thought or said.

But when I talked with him about it, he was very offended that I would imply that he doesn't love me.

He said that I should just know that he does without having to have any affection.

However, his thinking is clear enough to play complicated video games, read tons of books, and watch movies.

I can understand that having sex (which we have about once month now) is painful for him, and I have accepted that.

I realize that I can just ask him again from time to time to at least try to express some affection. He always has an excuse whenever I want to make love. He keeps saying his body hurts, he's taking meds that makes him impotent but found out he's been paying and subscribing to 3 different pornsites and I really cried when I saw it. He plays online games when he's free, but has no time for me, He even told me love is not just having sex, he even told me Im a nymphomaniac and that really hurts me. He will go straight to the room where our son is and just stays and play with him until bedtime. buys me this and that provides everything in the house, He has a very good job so I don't need to work, he takes care of our son really well and loves him so much, but never show warmth and affection when it comes to me. I went to see a psychiatrist and psychologist, the doctor wanted to admit me because i was really depressed but i refused because my son needs me, so i went to see another doctor he gave me anti-d but didn't finish it because I was becoming hopeless.

But what I keep thinking is that, he doesn't show affection because he's not really in love with me, and I can't make someone love me. My bf and I we're very affectionate to each other and have sex almost everywhere and everytime were together and that was 3years ago. He's way older than me and I'm young, Im fit, I still look sexy and hot as what most people told me. I was very suicidal but I always thought about my son.

(Try winning an argument with someone who NEVER forgets one word you have ever said).