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Innovative principally because of its use of a simplified and significantly weaker version of Dana Scott's very intuitive axiom system for set theory.

Now almost wholly supplanted by Set Theory and its Philosophy (which was originally conceived as a second edition of it).

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(Princeton University Press, 2004), makes an observation that is striking for those of us who are not Wittgenstein scholars but occasionally read the literature in that area: after noting that Forster's book is "lucid, subtle, and intellectual scrupulous," Hyman also observes that it "is unusual in being both sympathetic to Wittgenstein's ideas and critical of them." (This is, by the way, true of all of Forster's work that I have read, for example, on Hegel and on Herder.

Gabbay and John Woods (eds), Handbook of the History of Logic, vol.

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