GCHQ regularly recruit analysts, and have large teams who can understand and verify whether information is up to date, or translate documents and coded messages. Finally, all federal agencies have Offices of Inspectors General (OIG) who have special agents with law enforcement responsibility and authority to investigate fraud, waste, and abuse within and against each agency.

GCHQ are experts on things like terrorist groups, and can almost immediately decide whether a groups' claim to an attack is genuine. Law enforcement in the United States is very fragmented. has a sheriff's department to investigate crimes in the counties that are outside the jurisdiction of local police departments.

in answer to the above question: MI1 Code breaking, MI2 Russia and Scandinavia, MI3 Easton Europe, MI4 Aerial Reconnaissance, MI5 Domestic Intelligence, now The Security Service, MI6 Foreign Intelligence, now the Secret Intelligence service, MI7 Propoganda and censorship, MI8 Signals Intelligence, MI9 Undercover operations supporting POW, MI10 Weapons and technical Analysis, MI11 Field Intelligence, MI12 Military Censorship, MI13 Remains Classified, MI14 German Intelligence, MI15 Aerial Photography, MI16 Scientific Intelligence, MI17 Secretarial section, MI18 Remains Classifed, MI19 Extraction of information from foreign POWs MI20 - MI25 remain Classified. No wonder conspiracy theories etc abound - I simply went to the source and there all is explained.

It is important to also remember that most of these where small departments and at the end of world war 2 they were mostly all merged into MI5, MI6, GCHQ and other agencies. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has the Criminal Investigation Division to investigate tax fraud. I never really understood the expression 'get a life' but now browsing the responces to this query, it has relevance.

The author says that the whole series has now been replaced anyway.

MI1-director of military intelligence; also cryptography MI2-responsible for Russia and Scandinavia MI3-responsible for Germany and eastern Europe MI4-Aerial reconnaissance during world war two MI5-domestic intelligence and security MI6-foreign intelligence and security MI8-interception & interpretation of communications MI9-clandestine operations (escape and evasion) MI10-weapons and technical analysis MI11-field security police MI14-German specialists MI17-secretariat body for MI departments MI19-POW debriefing unit Contrary to the above answers likening MI5 to the FBI, that's rubbish too. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the US Intelligence services and is simply the "Federal Bureau of Investigation".

I believe the difference is like the FBI and CIA in the USA - one is for domestic intelligence and one is for international intelligence. I also think that some of the other numbers may have been active in intelligence and of the like during the world wars.

MI (Military Intelligence) had agencies numbered up to 19, but not all at the same time.

In dealing with security threats overseas we co-operate closely with the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), who are responsible for gathering intelligence overseas, and with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office." Simples.

For John in London: The FBI is in fact partly an inteligence service. Intelligence Services back then,served and married my mother in England in fifties,also served in France in fifties, I was told even though he was Canadian, he also worked for the British, is it possible that he could have worked for M19 after the War 2, I am trying to validate information I have been learning on him.

most british intelligence agencies still remain classified to the general public x the only reason this information has been released is that these agencies have all now terminated activity and new agencies have replaced them. S DG of MI section 25 By-the-way: NCIS stands for National Criminal Investigative Service. Having lived and studied in Amherst, I'm wondering how you can possess such a deep and correct knowledge of matters military while in 'the valley', an area not exactly conducive, but rather hostile, to that region of scholarship. In the United States, NCIS is the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Now included in the Department of Homeland Security (which was created in 2003) are these federal investigative agencies: CBP (U. myths sections, "SIS (MI6) collects secret intelligence overseas on behalf of the British Government.