Testimony in uncontested divorces may be taken before a court clerk, by sworn statements, or by transcripts of oral depositions.

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It provides for support and other financial conditions until a Judgment of Divorce is made by the Court.

Filing a separation agreement is not a requirement for obtaining a divorce, but serves as a concise agreement to facilitate cooperation between spouses.

[Code of Alabama: Title 30, Chapter 2-8.1; Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure; Rules 4, 43(a), 53, and 55 and Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration: Rule 32].

Legal separation is a court determination of each spouse’s rights and responsibilities based on the circumstances of the marital relationship.

Commission of violence upon a spouse (physical abuse) or reasonable apprehension of such violence; ?

Physical and incurable incapacitation by either party to consummate marriage at the time of contract; ?

Voluntary abandonment by either spouse for a continuous period of separation not less than one (1) year prior to filing of the complaint.

A divorce "from bed and board" may be granted for cruelty or for any of the above same causes for which a general divorce may be granted if the spouse filing the complaint desires that the divorce be limited to a divorce "from bed and board." [Code of Alabama: Title 30, Chapter 2-30].

This means that the “fault” of one of the parties in destroying the marriage is not an issue in the divorce.

An “uncontested divorce” is simply a no-fault dissolution where the spouses agree on the terms of the divorce (child custody, property division, etc.).

If the parties agree to "no-fault" grounds but cannot agree on terms, the divorce is considered "contested". Living separate and apart, without cohabitation for over two (2) years prior to filing of divorce without the benefit of support from husband, and wife is a bona fide resident of Alabama (Applicable to wife); ?