Third is if she would not only be a good girlfriend, but also a good friend, someone I can count on.

Fourth is her family, the vibe, and imagining myself blending in with them.

Making a relationship “Facebook official” is a milestone that occurs on a nebulous timeline (usually sometime after the first few dates, or at whatever point one person in the relationship asks the other whether it’s time to update their relationship statuses on Facebook).

But after that, everything else is a little less clear.

There has to be a dialogue between the two people so they understand each other entirely and no one feels uncomfortable." -Alex, 17 "What makes me want to get serious with a girl is determined by a several things: First, if she's my type, and if I would mind seeing her every day.

Second is her personality — how genuine and transparent she is with me.

There may be some arguments to be made for making your relationship official on the social network.

(There are a few studies that suggest that people who post their relationship status on Facebook are more likely to feel committed to the relationship than people who don’t declare their relationship status.) But in our book, you really don’t need to officially declare your relationship, new or old, on the world’s largest social network.When I could fall asleep at night knowing that I would choose her over any other girl without question...That's when I'd consider getting into something serious." -Cameron, 19 "There are many things that make me want to get serious with a girl." -Kodi, 17 "I want to get serious with a girl when there is a feeling that goes beyond physical attraction — a constant desire to simply be next to her.The change in relationship status has to be completely mutual or else things will not work out.The main thing, though, is when I feel I can completely open up to her and trust her — and when she's opened up to me and trusts me.