Police officers will complete a written report even if the respondent is not arrested.

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If you cannot get to a telephone at the time of the TRO violation, report it as soon as possible.

Show the TRO to the police and tell them how the respondent violated it.

If you are not related to the abuser, you must obtain a District Court Protective Order from the Honolulu District Court, 1111 Alakea St., 3rd floor. The Full Faith and Credit provision of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) requires all states to enforce valid protection orders issued by another state. You are to report all violations within five minutes after the offense.

If your TRO is violated, the Honolulu Police Department is required to take action. Show the police your TRO and explain how it was violated.

Be sure to get the police officer's names, badge numbers and the police report number. : 534-0040 Domestic Violence Shelters Honolulu and Leeward Shelters - 841-0822 Windward Shelter - 528-0606 Military Shelter - 533-7125 Counseling and Support Groups Catholic Charities Family Services - 536-1794 Child and Family Service - 521-2377 Developing Options to Violence - 532-5100 Family Peace Center - 832-0855 Family Visitation Center - 847-0015 Kapi'olani Women's Counseling Center - 983-6100 The Institute for Family Enrichment - 596-8433 Legal Assistance Domestic Violence Action Center- 531-3771 Legal Aid Society - 536-4302 Prosecutors Office - Victim/Witness Assistance - 768-7401 What is a Protective Order? Once all the information is collected, you will be scheduled for an appointment.

Honolulu Police Department Criminal Investigation Division: 723-3609. A protective order is an order from the court which prohibits another person from contacting, threatening or abusing you or your children. You will be told where and when to report for your TRO. You can get the TRO the same day but the process takes about 3-4 hours.

You should provide an address or a location where the defendant can be found.

This is necessary so that the TRO can be served on the defendant.

Honolulu Police Department Criminal Investigation Division: 723-3609.