It was after the band debuted in a Battle of the Bands competition that Jeremy received his first kiss from Sara and the relationship took off.

Since then, Jeremy and Sara have gone through many arguments, breakups and reconciliations.

Scott heeded the proposition but was unsatisfied with his character's sketches, finding them similar to those of his existing strip.

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For all of Jeremy's flaws, however, he retains a high sense of morality and integrity as can be seen in the story arc where he steals a signpost with his name on it, only to return it to the police to free himself of the guilt he feels (although he uses Hector's name when turning it over).

On another occasion, Jeremy is overwhelmed by a school essay he has to write and all the other commitments he has made.

Walt Duncan is Jeremy's father born approximately in 1954, an orthodontist who, like Connie, finds it almost impossible to hold a conversation with his son.

Walt is portrayed as clueless and old-fashioned about technology, especially computers and video players.

Running gags in the strip include depictions of Jeremy's room as being so messy that Connie has to dig a tunnel to reach him, his tallness and growth spurts, and his ability to consume vast quantities of food in seconds (either by literally inhaling or shoveling it in; one strip even showed him unhinging his jaw to eat a large sandwich).

Connie Duncan is Jeremy's (Strangely, though, in the January 27, 2012 strip, she outright says that she might need a job outside the house.) She is also an aspiring writer, having begun work on a book titled: Coping Effectively with your Teen.Jeremy constantly interrupts her work with menial requests or by being too loud and she has yet to even finish the first chapter.Besides being the family homemaker, Connie acts the disciplinarian for Jeremy.In late-2000s strips, Jeremy received his learners' permit.In September 2007 strips, Jeremy's mother refers to his being a sophomore in high school. On the August 23, 2009 strip, his driver's license was shown.King Features, already distributing Baby Blues and Borgman's editorial cartoons, began running the new comic strip in 1997 with Scott writing and Borgman drawing.