It is easier to ‘want a husband to learn’ than it is for a husband to actually learn.

dating a bukharian guy-66

We had several Bucharians, Syrians and Moroccans who wore those white talesim and were mistaken to be Spaniards by the locals.

I remember several things about this group of tough outcasts, they all wore wife beaters, loved beating each other up and listened to the worst Israeli techno you could find, they were also the only 14 year old boys I knew that could grow a full beard in 3 days.

There is a line used by philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz in a Mishpacha Magazine article (available in PDF) that I think accurately describes what is going on with Shiduchim in the Charedi world: There is no Shidduch crisis. I should make clear at the outset, that none of this applies to the Chasidic world. And the Modern Orthodox world has an entirely different set of problems. That figure was considered optimistic y another Shadchan that R’ Shlomo spoke to.

R’ Shlomo describes the pain he sees in the faces of young women who approach him to ask if he knows anyone for them that are ‘their type’. One experienced Shadchan R’ Shlomo quoted suggested that a young Charedi young woman over the age of 25 has less than a 15% chance of ever getting married.

Now for the kicker, if anyone could write something for me to post up here that can mnake fun of the Sephardim from and insiders perspective then I would love ya for it because I feel bad for the Sephardim who read my blog, a blog devoted to white Ashkenazim that never even mentions those weird brown dudes with the white talesim.

Sephardim also eat this cake-like food called Ka’ak which is pronounced like the slang for penis.

I also found out that every out of town place has to have the token Sephardic home improvement maven, whos wife teaches Hebrew at the local day school.

I have dated some Sephardic girls and they all introduced to me to hairy women just joking they introduced me to kibbe, meat pies and my hatred for cilantro (I know its cusk but I cant stand it) I also found out the Sephardic women are tough cookies, I like them for that reason and that they like nice cars.

Is there any wonder that some people resort to fraud or worse to meet those obligations? The work ethic should be restored to the way it was just a few short decades ago - to the time I was dating.

Young men – even in the Charedi world – prepared for the future. They went to college and thereby prepared for decent jobs and careers. I do not recall any one my contemporaries – even the biggest Masmidim, getting married for dollars.

Oh and why on earth do Ashkenazi Jews hold of the Shulchan Aruch if he was Sephardic?