The only way to do that is to go to work in film or television with good people and for those people to have good things to report back. There’s a really loyal, huge fan base that’s waiting to see her.

It seems like every Christmas the only thing my husband wants is waaay out of our budget. I am always on the lookout for something unique, cool, but that is practical… Clothes are a given (and boring to be honest), so I’ve put together a round-up of gifts that are unique finds, but something your man will be able to put to use.

“And so when people hear me say, like, ‘Dahling da da da da’ and talk that way, it’s kinda like I’m channeling my mother.

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“I get a lot of bruises and it’s a hard show on me.

It definitely is,” she said when asked if it’s difficult to move in her outfits. Lo’s criteria they have to follow her three design rules.

Twice a month we are going to post an “Intimate Moments” idea…

*********************************** COLOR can make a huge difference in the energy of your room!

Here are a few simple diva ideas that are EASY to apply to your favorite “lovin’ place” and can be used again and again. If you’re like me and don’t like the thought of half melted candles in your room decor, consider the little tea lights. Whether it’s soft country, a mixed CD of the love songs you like best, or more of a relaxing “spa sounds” that create the ambiance you’re going for…one thing is certain – music definitely changes the atmosphere of a room! *********************************** wants to be surrounded by piles of “stuff” and “junk” in what is supposed to be your getaway room. The clean look is refreshing and definitely more of an invitation to relax. This usually goes without saying, but since we’re being candid…

It’s kinda like the good feeling you get at a hotel when you walk in and suddenly your bed looks brand new again and you can’t wait to mess it up! It doesn’t have to be Egyptian Cotton, but what a difference it makes to crawl into something soft and romantic vs. *nod* If you don’t love your sheets, start keeping an eye open for sales (especially at TJ Maxx, Ross, or similar stores). ) but don’t underestimate the power of just wearing one of his dress shirts partially unbuttoned or your bathrobe over your little beautiful self!

She says her costumes need to have three layers consisting of a kaftan, a bodysuit and an even smaller bodysuit underneath.

Throughout the shoot she added more layers with an outfit featuring a seashell-shaped bra and a crystal-embellished corset with a voluminous tiered skirt.

The owner of that dating service is played by Gina Torres. Overall, it's another entertaining episode from Drop Dead Diva.