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"We found 74 images blocked on We Chat Moments, 26 blocked on group chat and 19 blocked on one-to-one chat," The Citizen Lab reported.

"These are the first tests in which we have found evidence of image censorship on We Chat's one-to-one chat." The difference in numbers is directly connected to how large the public reach of each service is.

The superpower's Great Firewall was also able to clumsily disrupt photos and texts sent via Facebook's Whats App service.

Netizens in China reported the immediate deletion or blocking of references to Liu Xiaobo, who died at a hospital in Jinzhou in the north west part of the country from liver cancer.

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It doesn’t matter where you are, or what you do, what matters is you are able to keep your lines of communication open.For foreign services, such as the encrypted Whats App, they were only able to block all large messages or simply firewall off whole systems in a ham-fisted way.Regarding the Chinese chat portals, Citizen Lab reported this week that the Middle Kingdom's expurgators had...But the most surprising new capacity was the ability to remove images in transit.Chinese users have grown used to having their images removed, and have learned a variety of techniques, including rotating images, as a way of passing its legion of censors.China has expanded its censorship tools to strip out images from chat messages in transit through its networks.