They also reportedly threw Kate Moss a party there for her 21st birthday in January of 1995.Johnny was present for guest appearances by many renowned artists, including the great Johnny Cash. People couldn't believe that it was Johnny Cash there in the Viper Room.

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And you could listen to the music that you and your friends like.

And we wanted to hear Louis Jordan, and we wanted to hear Cab Calloway, and we wanted to hear old blues, Robert Johnson and Howlin’ Wolf. Let’s make this place feel like it should’ve been, or like maybe it was back then, you know, in the 30’s. It was called The Melody Room then, which is like at that time, I mean, the people that I heard that had played there were like Charlie Parker, Coltrane, all these amazing, amazing players from back in the day.

December 3, 1993: the 2 Johnnys with June Carter Cash, screen captures of brief footage from the Sunset Strip documentary, handwritten lyrics to Drive On, and a mention in the January 27, 1994 Rolling Stone Another famous Viper Room guest was Hunter S. Johnny and John Cusack joined Hunter on stage to discuss many things, including his fight against a DUI charge.

Some of this Viper Room appearance has been documented on the DVD, Breakfast With Hunter.

On December 3, 1993, after hooking up with producer Rick Rubin with the intention of recording a new album, Cash did something at the Viper Room that he had never done before: he played solo. He started playing, and I could see how nervous he was, but by the middle of the first song, or the beginning of the second song, all of the fear was gone. People who were there that night still talk about it as one of the greatest things they've ever seen.

He famously debuted much of the solo material that was later released on the Rubin-produced CD, American Recordings, reportedly beginning with his own composition, Drive On. And we recorded that night and I think one of those songs ended up on our first album." (Actually, two songs recorded that night were later released on American Recordings: Tennessee Stud and The Man Who Couldn't Cry).He's a friend of mine and he's never heard the song.So we're singing up on stage…and right at that moment, he was basically on the sidewalk….In 2004, Johnny and his lawyers finally settled the case, quietly selling his majority share to Fox's daughter Amanda, whose intent was to resell the club.The club was then owned by Darin Feinstein, Bevan Cooney and Blackhawk Capital Partners, Inc.wouldn’t it be great to have a place that you could go to where you weren’t necessarily on display all the time, or you didn’t feel like a novelty, you know.