Not having to pay rent for a couple months would give me a decent budget.If I spent less than 100 dollars a day, it would be cheaper than living in San Francisco.

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It was starting to rain and I desperately needed some sunshine.

I asked Dirk whether the coffee shops in the Philippines had good wifi.

few months earlier, we made the company a fully distributed team.

No longer working from an office in South Park, I was enjoying the flexibility of working from my favorite coffee shops.

With some more research and experimentation, I ended up finding the flights for less than 100 dollars total, plus some points.

The points made it a great deal, since otherwise the same flights would’ve cost about ,000—prohibitively expensive.With everything happening over Slack, I could theoretically work from anywhere.I knew it was possible because I had done it before.Instead I used about 100,000 points to get them, which were quite easy to get for free.I had accumulated quite a few after using a Chase Sapphire credit card for a couple years.We had to move out by February, so I needed to find a new place for a couple months.