The Community Upgrade Project brings you CUP Terrains, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in Arm A - Terrain Pack (Ai A TP)".

It builds upon the work done by kju for Ai A TP and brings all of BI's iconic terrains to Arm A 3 as well as all the amazing 3rd-party terrains created by the community.

core data updating object-19

* updated House V2_XX for further inspection (Occluder problems) REMOVED: * cup_terrains_ca_misc3_c - Removed classes which were overwritting vanilla classes, causing proxy flags to not work on vehicles/characters on CUP Terrains OTHER: * "buildings2House Blocks" - Several Models - Roadway-LOD reworked / path's added * Last files in buildings2 updated to new Door_N and Glass_N Names * structures_pmc - upgrade of existing Doors/Glass to new Anim Source names * missing animation Sources added - Ignore Land_Tovarna2 -.- i hate that one. * modifed - buildings2_c Configs updated to new macro * House Block_B1_ruins.p3d - Roadway updated (1st Push, lets see what i broke) * missing entrys in - sections added * buildings(_c), buildings2(_c) and structures(_c) - (hopefully) last changes to the Door Anims made.

- Several Door Animations added to existing Gates * buildings(2) - several adjustments (Glass Anims/Memory/Geometry) * buildings(_c) - door_N_button - door_N_trigger...

If you want to read or write properties with arbitrary names, you need to use the bracket operator (see Bracket Operator ([]): Accessing Properties via Computed Keys). As a preparation, we create one property that can be deleted and another one that can’t be deleted (Getting and Defining Properties via Descriptors explains Numbers can be used as property keys in object literals, but they are interpreted as strings.

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Active Team: Alwarren audiocustoms Chairborne chortles Evro Malarkey fabiochavez Ice Breakr Kllrt Mr Sanchez Neo Armageddon Nonov Urbizniz Psycho Red Phoenix Sacha Ligthert SGTGunner Slatts The Conen Tupolov Varanon Waffle_SS Passive Team / Supporter: Ace alias Aoi Benargee Bismarck Black Pixxel Blip Bobman Buster Blader Cype Revenge Cowcancry eggbeast Fluit gagagu hcpookie Hermann Denk J_g0re James Keeway kju M1lkm8n meat Meaty Mitsu Old Raid smokedog The Rob Winte R5 z Guba Tester: Armed-Tactics Jones Task Force47Shack Tactical (zx64, Bricks, Rspctd, Renzol) Contributors: [GLT] Legislator Apilon Argument deltagamer geraldbolso1899 Giallustio Lennard Lord Jarhead Night Intruder Pansyfaust Redstone Reyhard Richards D Sabre Dust soju Taurus Tierprot toadie2k Special thanks to contributors from Ai A TP Kju Karel Mořický Fabio_Chavez (screenshots, more screenshots, videos) Tierprot Reyhard (A2 Island Fixes) soju Evro Malarkey Picolly (Land Tex) M1lkm8n, Bad Benson, and Nonov Urbizniz Pansyfaust Version 1.4.1 (18|Dec|2017) ADDED: * New Door Detection for buildings FIXED: * Fixed some missing textures from some cup_terrains_ca_cti_buildings * Fixed Cfg Skeleton entries without cup prefix * Fixed outdated version of A3 runway lights were being used * Fixed Doors on Land_Misc_Cargo1Bo_EP1 - closes issue T2295 * Fixed animations for opening/closing Trashcans * Fixed CUPS_fnc_emissive Lights, doesn't turn on light texture if the light is destroyed - closes issue T2124 * Fixed Land_Mil_Guardhouse_EP1, can open/close doors again - closes issue T2316 * Fixed Land_Lamp_Small_EP1, Land_Lamp_Street1/2_EP1, Land_Lampa_Ind_EP1, lights can be destroyed - closes issue T1728 * Fixed Land_Pow Lines_Conc2L_EP1, light can be destroyed - closes issue T1916 IMPROVED: * Improved AI Opening Doors to some buildings - closes issue T2025 * Improved A_Station House, added new ladder detection to top ladder. * Improved CUPS_fnc_emissive Lights, optimized script. Can also be disabled if ((mission Config File "Disable Lamp Check") is Equal To 1) - closes issue T2301 * Updated Remaining Surface Textures for Parallax Changes - closes issue T1121 REMOVED: * Removed cup_terrains_ca_animations_dummy pbo Version 1.4.0 ADDED: * Hanged man and mass grave items are now available in 3DEN and Zeus ( T2153 ) * Added closed variants of some buildings ( T1939 ) * Macro for doors in animation Sources entry - statement FIXED: * Fixed geometric occluders on House Block, House V_2L, Terrace_K_1_EP1, and House_L_1_EP1 * Fixed RVMATs with syntax errors * Fixed animation and RPT error on Vez_ropa - Fixes T1318 * Fixed RPT errors and path issues in a few of the structures_e/House C damaged models * Fixed view geometry missing on a bunch of House Block ruin models * Fixed white pixels on furthest distance LOD of t_picea3f * Removed a loose piece of view geometry from A_Building WIP.p3d * Fixed geometric occluders on some sheds * Fixed view/fire geometry on part of the A_Building WIP_ruins.p3d * Fixed a benign House Base RPT error * Fixed a few objects trying to use RVMATs with two UVSets while one of their LODs only had one UVSet * Fixed a few rocks missing roadway texture * Fixed bone errors from Gate Skeleton, and runway lights when using Arma 3 Diag * Fixed geometric occluders on A_Mosque_big_wall_corner_EP1.p3d and House_C_11_EP1.p3d * Fixed House_C_11_EP1.p3d using wrong UVSet for second LOD * Fixed several dozen objects with slightly misconfigured geometry LODs, most notably view geometry of some trees * Fixed missing component on a couple of Misc_Wood Pile.p3d's geometries * Fixed second UVSet error on SS_hangar.p3d, and Misc_Wood Pile.p3d * IBR Objects received an _IBR Tag at the end - Classname duplication IMPROVED: * buildings2 addon completely updated to new animation Names for Doors - adjusted animations, that animate Source 1 is opening and animate Source 0 is closing of doors.

* buildings2 - several buildings updated from dvere N to Door_N and new animate Source command * Added geometric occluder to Wall_Ind Cnc2_3 * Added breakable glass to Warfare BAirport * Added material to fire geometry of several buildings2/Ind_Cement Works/Ind_Silo Velke models * improved rvmats and textures for Arma 2 trees and bushes * improved rvmats for pretty much all of the buildings roads and stuff * all buildings (should) be updated to new animation Source Namings - Some new door animations added * updated ca_buildings - All Animated Models updated to new Standard Naming of Doors and Glass.

Its goal is to provide those assets to the community as a mod ready to use in the game, and as an open-source repository for modders to build upon and learn from.