EDITORS' NOTE APPENDED Female athletes and their parents are complaining in increasing numbers about sexual abuse and harassment from male coaches, prompting the coaches themselves to examine their own roles in a very delicate power relationship.

"From what we're hearing, there are a lot of these cases out there," said Kathryn Reith, assistant executive director of advocacy for the Women's Sports Foundation in East Meadow, L. "They are often hard to document, and people often aren't willing to go on record.

Fatherless John Farley's youth frustration, even trauma, like many his school kids' in his Nebraska small town home, was the constant abuse and humiliation in sadistic Jasper Woodcock's gym class.

Victims Often Quit the Sport Victims of sexual abuse, or even of a more subtle coach-athlete relationship where a coach's position of power proves influential, often quit the sport, and carry around a scar throughout life.

"You have to look at the intimacy, emotion, and intensity that students have with coaches," Loehr said.

See more » In the bar scene with John and his Agent, she checks her Treo for a message about the Corn Cob Key and then puts it down on the bar. During the rest of the scene, using the same two or three angles, the phone's position changes back and forth.

See more » Self-help guru who hated his gym teacher goes home to find his mom engaged to said teacher, stilted merriment tries to ensue. Woodcock, Billy Bob Thorton's gym teacher character is much too one dimensional to really work since he has one expression the whole time.

For years, professionals such as teachers and psychiatrists have abided by strict codes of ethics, prohibiting romantic entanglements or meaningful physical contact with their students or clients.

Now, while competing in a world defined by touch and visceral emotion, male coaches are trying to play catch-up, hoping they can match the heightened awareness of their students, and their students' parents.Still, the numbers of the more publicized cases are clearly growing, and the New York area was an uncomfortable witness last week to charges against three male coaches of sexual abuse or harassment in tennis and skating.The most disturbing case involved a Manhattan tennis coach who committed suicide after police say he failed in his plot to abduct a 17-year-old former pupil.To John's horror, his devoted mother Beverly announces her plans to marry the hated coach and he's to be celebrated on the same event as John.Only ridiculous fatso Nedderman and his strange brother try to help Farley stop Woodcock, but that keeps backfiring.The Women's Sports Foundation estimates that the number of men coaching women's college sports has increased from less than 10 percent in 1972 to more than 50 percent.