I was a little cautious going into it but after talking to them I realized it was the real deal and something I was very interested in. "Did you expect to find love when you began filming or were you skeptical? I went into it hoping it would work but from other shows I've watched in the past, I think maybe three out of the 20 different attempts they've had [at finding love] have actually worked.

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You'll also see social drinking -- and lots of stereotyping.

" /The emphasis is on finding lasting love, but the format hardly gives the bachelorette enough time to really know her suitors.

In a preliminary hearing, the court decides whether there is enough probable cause to take a case to trial.

The Mc Curtain County District Attorney Mark Matloff says there will be no plea deal.

I think that I and the guy I chose have good heads on our shoulders and know how to handle things well. It was more trying to find love in the South and finding Mr Right.

We don't really want to fall into that publicity-type field. "Was this show more about finding someone to date rather than finding a husband? I don't think a proposal is something you need to rush into at all.

"I don't see how can you do this to an animal, a domesticated animal, looking you in the eyes, wondering what's going on." When asked how he felt about those accused in the death of Credit Card, Shaun responded, "I don't have hatred anymore to the people involved in that. I don't know what they were thinking." Jackson remains free on bond.

A preliminary hearing has been set for March 13, and will deal with felony theft and cruelty charges, as well as the arson charges that Jackson and her mother are facing in a separate case.

You'll also see social drinking -- and lots of stereotyping.