Divorce in Islam usually takes the form of “estrangement”.

The spouse is not obligated to give any explanation to the wife about this, and she must leave the home within three months after the “estrangement”.

The husband may inform his wife of her “estrangement” orally, in writing, or even through intermediaries.

Mixed marriages are only accepted, according to Church canons, after the Muslim has been baptized Orthodox.

In order to understand the problem of mixed marriages between Christians and Muslims on Cyprus, we have to not only know the statistics, but also have a precise understanding of what Muslim marriage is, and how it is dissolved.

After it came into effect, the Cyprus government lit a “green light” for unhindered registrations of mixed marriages.

This important event for a country where members of different religions and nations meet and where this “green light’ was turned on can bring many different problems for Christian women.

Nevertheless, this repugnant institution of polygamy is not rarely abused in Islam.

Muslim sources colorfully describe various right-believing Muslims and their harems.

The majority of these women who enter into marriage with Muslims are completely uninformed about the particulars of Islamic traditions and customs of family life.

It all often ends with the husbands demanding that their wives accept Islam, or what’s more, that they move to the husbands’ historical homeland.

It is no coincidence that precisely Muslim law commands an enormous portion of the globe.