Due to the popularity of often an Innocent Fanservice Girl.After all, why in the world would a drop-dead gorgeous female facsimile have any conception of chastity, much less modesty, programming notwithstanding?Most commonly found in science fiction and Sentai shows, but not exclusively.

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It has always been our firm believe that Ani DB should remain 100% free.

However, with the rug being pulled out from under us, Ani DB could face shutdown any moment.

These androids could be male, but due to the fandom's preferences, most of them are sleek, sexy females.

(Technically they would be gynoids, if you're the kind of person who cares.) Sometimes the character is shown to be an android by some unusual accessory to cue the audience.

"She's the heart of the funfair She's got me whistling her private tune And it all begins where it ends And she's all mine, my magic friend She says: "Hello, you fool, I love you Come on join the joyride.""A genre of adolescent male Wish Fulfillment, which has become rather popular in recent years.

The hero is usually a geeky loser, terribly unlucky at love.

(Robotic males, on the other hand...) Despite how cute or sexy she may be, though, the Robot Girl is often a dangerous opponent in a fight, even if they're only created to do common household chores.

The robot girl is not necessarily a completely mechanical creation — the character type can encompass cyborgs, bioroids and even virtual/nonphysical beings.

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