Similarly, whilst most perpetrators of child sexual abuse are male, the teachers’ regulator (which publishes its decisions) has brought to light many instances of female-on-male abusers.

So, whilst neither Sarkeesian nor Palamountain can be blamed for any murders or rapes they hold similar ideologies to those that contributed to the Rotherham scandal.

Neither Amy Palamountain nor CEO Chris Wanstrath have yet apologised.

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The Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May (a Cabinet Minister, a bit like being Secretary of State in the United States) called it, Anita Sarkeesian denies the existence of “reverse racism”.

Tell that to the 1,400 vulnerable white girls raped by racist paedophile gangs in Rotherham. It is shameful that figures like Anita Sarkeesian or companies like Git Hub are going down the same dark road.

This article was put to Git Hub, Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz before publication.

I also offered to delay publication upon request if they wanted time to object to any allegations made.

This is a privately run website using a purchased copy of the Colorado voter list, which is unrestricted, public information the State of Colorado supplies to anybody who wants it, by law.

Anita Sarkeesian says that “reverse racism” is a “myth”. Tell that to the family of Ross Andrew Parker, whose life was subject to “erasure” in a killing which even the Guardian called, “racist”.As a law student, I know that most companies will have codes of conduct against discrimination because if they do not, they will get sued. So when communicating with Git Hub, their managers or investors it is important to be clear on the narrow section of the Code objected to and the reasons it is unlawful and offensive.It is also worth explaining you would prefer a concise Code with a minimum of contentious political content.Picture by Wikipedia user ‘Shakehandsman’, released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 – attribution and license linked here.Recently Git Hub provoked a storm of protest after staffer Amy Palamountain amended a proposed ‘Open Code of Conduct’ such that complaints of harassment arising from ‘reverse-isms’ such as ‘reverse racism’ would not be acted upon.Moore echoes my point that racism of all kinds falls mostly on the weaker and poorer members of the victim group. Reach a thousand and you still have not imagined all the victims.