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Googlc Book Scarch hclps rcadcrs discovcr thc world's books whilc hclping authors and publishcrs rcach ncw audicnccs.

You can scarch through thc full icxi of ihis book on thc wcb at | ^z N c Jf^oii) 4 i T /j ( r r: .i «i .^ i 4- ■ ■• » D.

A public domain book is one that was never subjcct to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expircd.

Whcthcr a book is in thc public domain may vary country to country.

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Wc cncouragc thc use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. 9« Philologia; Linguae; Scriptorea Graeci; Scriptorca Latini; Littcrae Elcgaoiiorea; Poesis; Rhetorica; Ara Antiqua; ^lctura; Musica^ Ibid. Propacdcutica; Anatomia et Physiologia; Hygieine; Pathtlogia aeu I^o&ologia Geneialis^ Semeiolica. 1^3» » Cbemosif 804« Ophthalmia Cararrbalif» 904« Exophthalmia, Ptofifbulbi. H; Hferen* tia; (Per Ai^Otti eft Voinlltam» refect»)^ Varia». 'I SECUNDUM DIS CIPLIN AKUW ORWINEM ■ - r PI0ES8IX L D- K E U S 5, • 1 TOM, XIV, SCJENTIA ET ARS METil CJ ET CHl RXIRGt CA.