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- at 5 WPM (non-farnsworth) it is feasible to repeat (or count) the dits and dahs in your head and pass the test --- this is the hard way and Farnsworth makes this tough NOT RECOMMENDED but may be the only way for some.

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Some folks give up on methods and just plain listen to code practice until one day it just all comes together.

The impediment to increasing speed and proficiency is called a barrier which you may feel you will never hurdle, but is amazing when one day after brain soaking it magically all comes together. COMPUTER PROGRAMS AND COURSES - There are many available -- see Morse Programs and try them out -- choose the one that works the best for you.

As you progress - try not to repeat the sound -- just strive for instant recognition. For example: the letter A is similar to the letter W except that the letter W has an additional dah to it.

USA tests are given in the Farnsworth method - that is 12 WPM character speed, 5 WPM overall speed. Then tap your finger on the desk in sequence with it. One might study A (didah), W (didadah), J (didahdahdah), 1(didahdahdahdah) in order, then mixed.

We can see that VBA employees are completing more compensation claims than ever before.

More than three million claims were processed in the past three fiscal years, three times the amount completed in 2000.The average person needs about 30 hours of study and practice on the code to hit 5 wpm. Some will take longer and some will take less." So a half hour in the morning, a half hour in the evening and in a month -- you should have it.Another advises: Whatever method you use, try to *hear* the code directly as a letter.Weekly reports from our 56 regional offices let you see our progress in processing Compensation, Pension, and Education benefits.You can also download a spreadsheet to see the most recent week's worth of performance data Look below to get access to detailed claims data weekly, but here's the big picture: VBA currently serves nearly 4.5 million Veterans who receive either compensation or pension benefits.The table below shows all the forms that were in VONAPP and it shows where these same forms are now available.