The first British transmission was on BBC1, 5 February 1997.Filmed for television in a naturalistic suburban setting, rather than on a timeless, expressionist stage set, Breaking the Code inevitably sacrificed many of the elements that made it grip theatre audiences.

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“Over the past few years I’ve lost six ex-colleagues who have taken their own lives. “I can always remember the guys to my left and right. Maybe I didn’t take the right shot which meant someone next to me died.

“You have that many explosions and things that happen to you.

“When I walk down the street now and a car backfires I duck down. If I’m going somewhere, the day beforehand I will go round and analyse where the exits are and the surroundings, and that’s how I cope with things.” The 41-year-old’s heroism has seen him meet The Queen, and former American President George W Bush at the White House in Washington to receive the President’s USA Medallion.

Belfast-born Mr Coult was awarded the coveted Military Cross (MC) in 2006 for bravery during a machine gun ambush in 2005 involving suicide bombers.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said another Israeli woman was also questioned over Facebook posts.

She said police will act against those inciting to violence against public officials.The proceeds from the auction will be set aside for his five-year-old son Sebastian’s future.Mr Coult said he, and many of those he served with, have been deeply affected by what they had been through: “Every day is such a struggle for me.The first transmission, to my knowledge, was on 17 September 1996 in Canada, by Showcase Television.It was shown in the United States as a Masterpiece Theater production on 2 February 1997.He was hand-picked for ‘Operation Mountain Thrust.’ This British Ranger, nicknamed ‘Speedie’, and his squad re-took the town of Sangin.