What keeps us from falling into the world’s trap of destruction and pain? Faith in the living and true Jesus Christ as the Messiah is what keeps us from falling away.

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Here is some info about the Atlantean Hall of records deep underground, underneath the Sphinx, and information as to why not all of it is being made known to the public by those in charge at Egypte.

the Da Vinci code source the lost teachings of atlantis? prophecy Edgar Cayce According to Cayce and others, something called the Hall of Records is buried in a chamber between the Great Pyramid and Sphinx.

Meanwhile, we struggle in our department to save the Sphinx and many other sites and monuments for future generations. This is free for all :-) is an open access platform in the hope and respect for opinions. There is no fortress to protect but ideas and feelings to live.

We work hard to organize the site for tourism, so all can enjoy our monuments, and we try to balance tourism with conservation.

The investigators interpreted their data to indicate shallower subsurface weathering patterns toward the back and deeper weathering toward the front, which they take to indicate that the back of the Sphinx and its ditch were carved by Khafre later than the front.

They interpret their data to likewise indicate subsurface cavities in front of the front left paw, and from the left paw back along the south flank.

They reported evidence of a tunnel oriented north-south under the Sphinx, a water pocket 2.5 to 3 m below surface near the south hind paw, and another cavity near the north hind paw.

In 1991 a team consisting of geologist Robert Schoch (Boston University), Thomas Dobecki, and John Anthony West carried out a survey of the Sphinx using seismic refraction, refraction tomography, and seismic reflection.

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