We encourage you to read "Primeval Chronology Restored" and "Who Was Born When Enosh was 90?

For over 2200 years, Christian scholars and their Jewish predecessors interpreted the genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 as yielding a continuous chronology of human history from Adam to Abraham.

Up until the Reformation, a solid majority within the Church believed the Greek Septuagint (LXX) preserved most of the original numerical figures in Genesis 5 and 11.

Those who do discuss the textual differences tend to repeat superficial arguments in favor of the MT.

However, "Primeval Chronology Restored" and "Who Was Born When Enosh was 90?

The research has produced substantial fruit, and as a result, ABR is pleased to announce plans to publish our first book, tentatively titled, "From Adam to Abraham: The Case for the Septuagint’s Chronology in Genesis 5 and 11." This update will survey the goals of the project, describe new developments and the present direction of our research, answer some questions we have received about Genesis 5 and 11 from supporters, and briefly outline plans for publication(s).

Continue reading To determine if Genesis 5 and 11 and other directly relevant biblical texts yield a calculable chronology of human history from Adam to Abraham.

The goal of this article is to update the ABR community of supporters and other interested readers on the present state of the Genesis 5 and 11 Research Project.

The project officially began in 2016 (with its unofficial roots extending back to 2010).

Vern Poythress, for allowing ABR to republish Jeremy’s article on the ABR website].

In that article, Jeremy also presented arguments in favor of the LXX’s primeval chronology.

Most of these fallacies appear to have their origin in Green’s article from 1890, with a few modern innovations that collapse under the weight of scrutiny.