— Comey: Trump lied, I cried — The Empire strikes back — Does Trump care about the National Question? — Cucking for donors — The healthcare confusopoly — Soccer hooliganism: the Chinese need to raise their game — Trump Derangement Syndrome roundup — Miscellany: The visa overstay problem; Repeal the Former Presidents Act!

; The young Obama: a black wigger; George Washington bares all — Signoff: A song for Nellie Intro — Ten questions for the President — Boiling frogs — March for the Standard Social Science Model — Sell climatology, buy demographics — Miscellany: Europe's slow-motion suicide; Lawyers for scofflaws; Erratum: QE2 has had only 156 birthdays — Signoff: Catching up on commemorations Intro — Small referendum in Turkey — Demography is destiny — The death of reason — "Invade the world" is popular!

I am sometimes rude about public figures, though only when they deserve it. There is no bad language, nothing that would bring a blush to a maiden's cheek, and nothing that a person of properly conservative temperament would find offensive … The show is assembled and produced at VDARE.com's sound studio on Long Island.

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————————— I get occasional questions about the intro music for Radio Derb broadcasts. ————————— — Can-kicking news — Totalitarian capitalism: China got there first — The bollardization of the West — George Adamski lives!

— Miscellany: Greek justice; Dreaming of a white campus; The net worth gap; "Jingle Bells" is racist!

The podcast is hosted by (click on the not be taken too seriously.

I sometimes indulge myself in flights of fancy, attempt satire, or fall back on odd sound or music clips.

————————— Listed below are transcripts of as many broadcasts as I have currently been able to recover.

I have no transcripts for older broadcasts, but can make the sound files available by special request.

; Steve King talks demography; Literally Henry VI; Reading Intro — What do women want?

— Charles Murray: A man for all hates — Commissars in the Opera House — SCOTUS makes war on the jury system — Anti-whites take over the Democratic Party — Miscellany: Fifty years of white ethnomasochism; Geert Wilders' campaign not in vain; Partying in the jury room — Signoff: Everyone's mother's favorite Intro — Not the State of the Union speech — The first duty of intelligent men — Russia: a modest proposal — Endgame in North Korea?

— Signoff: With some Cantopop Intro — The Fallacy of Judicial Impartiality — How sound is Judge Gorsuch?