In complete contrast to Bermuda, Curacao was a fabulous port, for its free WIFI service applicable to all cruise passengers, accessible from Azura's portside balcony cabins and throughout the port for the rest of us.We will now be writing to all the UK's national newspapers and travel companies.At the same time One Communications, one of the islands other major players in the telecoms market, has been upgrading its network and introducing high-speed internet plans.

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Internet access (now mostly Broadband/DSL) is extremely expensive compared to the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe and beyond.

In most of the UK, very fast unlimited fibre BT Broadband with download speed of 33.35 Mb/s and upload of 9.37 Mb/s is now available for 23 a month plus 17 a month for line rental when using a line telephone.

According to a notice on the RAB website, East End Group and Omnuim Bermuda have said they do not intend to make any of TBIs staff redundant. It provides voice, internet and managed IT services.

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Javelin Connections group of companies.

The East End Group provides consolidated group functions in the areas of accounting, finance, human resources and information technology services.

Walter Roban, Minister of Transport and Regulator Affairs, has given his consent to the proposed change of control of TBI.2017. Digicel Bermuda has unveiled the speeds and pricing for its new fibre to the home offerings, which have been in the works for most of this year.It is also possible to record and store 50 hours of programming for later viewing, and there are options to increase that storage total to 200 hours.And a multi-screen ability allows family members to watch on up to five different TVs or wi-fi enabled devices, such as a tablet, and be tuned into different channels.And a section of the companys store on Church Street has been remodeled as an interactive lounge-type area where customers can try out the new multi-feature TV experience.The company is offering home internet speeds all the way up to 200 Mbps, together with three fiber TV plans and fiber phone options.Azura also said, during that particular voyage: "For the most cost-effective way to keep in touch with those pack at home, use your cabin phone.