Fix #3: Rebuild the BCD BCD stands for Boot Configuration Data, contains boot configurations options of Windows.

can updating bios cause bsod-62

The Blue Screen of Death (BSo D) error with the code “0x0000007B” is also named “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE” can be caused by data corruption on the hard drive. Fix #1: Hard disk cables Make sure all your hard disks cables are connected properly.

Fix #2: Run chkdsk /f /r The chkdsk tool ships with Windows and can be used to check (and sometimes repair) your drives for file system corruption.

If the driver isn’t causing the 0x000000EA to appear, try either updating BIOS to the latest available version or try exchanging the video card.

If you are running the recently released Windows 10 Insider preview build 10565 and also have the Secure Boot/UEFI feature enabled, you might want to keep an eye out for a recent KB3105208 software update.

Many blue screen errors can be caused by an incompatible device driver.

You can try removing any recently installed device driver and restarting your computer.

To fix Blue Screen of Death (BSo D) errors in Windows 7, you can try any of the following tips: Tip #1: System Restore Follow the instructions from Restore Windows 7 guide on how to run System Restore for Windows 7.

Tip #2: Install updates Similar to Windows Vista, installing recent updates from Microsoft might fix any errors you are experiencing in your Windows 7 system.

To fix this error, try running the chkdsk utility tool.

If chkdsk does not work, try removing any hardware you may have recently added to your system.

For situations where the UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME error is caused by incorrect or outdated information regarding the Windows partition in the boot configuration files (BOOT.