While the video is a bit of a shot at Newton, it is also fun-natured.

Cam sharing female-53

Maybe it was that little voice in my head, that told me, "you don't look like a journalist," that kept me from moving, from telling the man that I would prefer him to move back.

Instead, I stared straight ahead, clutching my pad and pen, ashamed and angry.

It's hearing that same question posed to your male counterparts, but instead it sounds more like, "Oh, so you're headed to law school? I may be asking you a question — it's my job, after all.

" It's that there's nothing wrong with either proposed profession, but that somewhere along the lines one was deemed better suited for someone of a certain gender. Newton may get a slap on the wrist for his comment.

It starts early, when you're in high school, after you watch All the President's Men, and declare that you're going to be a journalist.

It's that slow burn of adults telling you that you may not be cut out for a writer's life.

It's majoring in English in college and hearing again and again, "So you're gonna be a teacher?

" Followed by your utter disbelief that "No, a writer," is met with silence.

Rodrigue asked Newton a question about Panthers wide receiver Devin Funchess embracing the physicality of routes.