She went into seclusion after witnessing Weems committing suicide at his deceased brother’s grave site who had died in an automobile accident in 2000.Monica released this official statement to her longtime friend and blogger “I know there were many rumors.She spoke to CNN about her career, why you won't see her in a catfight with another female singer and what makes her emotional.

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The single “Don’t Take It Personal” skyrocket her career only for her to come back with yet another banger “Before You Walk out of My Life” Rocko – Imma Do Me At 29 years old, Monica is still focusing on her musical career while raising her two sons (Rodney Hill III & Romelo Montez Hill).

Rocko has another son from a previous relationship named Malik Ramone Hill.

He is a great father to his children and, continuing forward, that is my only concern.

With every breath in our bodies we will make sure that they feel as little pain as possible and continue to have the lives they had before with no attention dedicated to our separation.

The two have dated since Monica was 19 years old and got engaged in 2007.

Monica’s career saw troubles between the years 20, during which time she dealt with more personal tribulations including an up-and-down relationship with former fiancé Corey “C-Murder” Miller and the suicide of her boyfriend Jarvis “Knot” Weems, an alleged local drug dealer and childhood friend.

And Sandra, I appreciate that you never dug into them for the sake of both our families. Rock was put under a lot of harsh scrutiny during our entire relationship and I’m sure that was not easy.

I am going to rest today & go back to work tomorrow. However, at this point our focus is being great parents.

"I think this is her moment," said her cousin and longtime manager, Melinda Dancil.

"People have seen 'the artist Monica,' but they have never really seen 'the person Monica,' and the person Monica is really what creates her engaging personality." The singer is quick to point out that "I'm not a victim, I'm a victor," and said she wants her legacy to extend beyond just her reputation as a singer, songwriter and occasional actress.

"I assumed [producers] would not want a reality show about my life as it really is, because my life is drama-free now," said the Grammy Award-winning artist.