I take great pride in leading my fellow businessmen, as we work closely with other organizations in priming-up business activity in the province by promoting investments and entrepreneurship.

Because the province hosts more than 2,000 small business enterprises, our provincial government initiated the formation of an organization that will represent the business sector in the province.

Thus was born the Bulacan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which through the years has consistently garnered the Most Outstanding Local Chamber Award in the North Luzon Area.

Why are we not giving this date the same reverence that we’re giving to June 12, Araw ng Kalayaan (Independence Day)?

” The Malolos local government has petitioned for a declaration of a national holiday to mark the occasion — the Araw ng Republic ng Malolos. 129, it is a non-working holiday for the province of Bulacan only. Natividad said one of the stumbling blocks was “regionalism.” He said, “The first time it was filed was because of regionalism daw. (What about Lapu Lapu, why does he not get a holiday?

“We were the first one to establish a constitution in Asia, the Malolos Convention,” he pointed out.

“It was where all the other fundamental rights and privileges that we enjoy today emanated.

“We have festivals for nearly every religious and cultural significance, but why aren’t we celebrating the very first Philippine Republic? In 2010, Malolos first introduced its Fiesta Republica to highlight the significance of becoming a Republic on Jan. The fiesta highlights the rich history and culture of Malolos via cultural and sports events, with the goal of reaching out the youth.

Some of the events are: Kalutong Malolos, a culinary contest; Hataw sa Sining, a dance and music competition; Pasiklaban ng Banda, and Dulansangan, a street dance with drama promoting the city’s history.

23, the day that Malolos was celebrating its annual fiesta.