Well dear readers, you have gotten this far through my odd post, so lets just take it a bit farther shall we?

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Overall the birding that day was really great, and I also appreciated the infrastructure and price of El Carajo. Female Cerulean Warbler – Colombian Migrant – Bucaramanga " data-medium-file="https://i1com/ fit=625,674" class="wp-image-1605 size-full" src="https://i1com/ resize=625,674" alt="Female Cerulean Warbler - Colombian Migrant - Bucaramanga" width="625" height="674" srcset="https://i1com/ The beautiful sloth was there in its favorite tree right on the ‘zen garden’ but the best treats of the day were in a tree near the aviary area.

It offered everything I really want in a good birding spot which is (besides birds) that they serve food, have clean bathrooms and that the trails are well maintained. For some reason there was an almost bare tree that was attracting basically every bird in the park. For some reason there ended up being at least 2 (most likely 3-4) of these Vireos in the tree, and the most stand out thing to my naked eye was this little black stripe on their chin.

I have to admit that even though getting to encounter new bird species with every move is exciting and thrilling it also presents its own challenges.

Its always hard to leave an area where you’ve grown fairly comfortable with identification and all of a sudden realize you have no idea what you are looking at. Other times bird identification is like online dating and you find yourself scrolling madly though heaps of pictures and descriptions until you find something that could potentially work.

It was easily and fairly cheaply reached by cab (30,000COP there and 20,000COP back) and it took about 45 minutes for me to get there from my apartment. In a true example of what it was like to watch a foraging flock I had no idea where to look next! As I still have no hard copy bird guide I found myself scrolling aimlessly through my app on my phone until I sorta-kinda found something that resembled what I was looking for.

Things got off to an amazing start right off the bat when I ran into a mixed species foraging flock within the first half hour of my walk. My eyes darted in excitement from one beautiful and vivid bird to the next! Much like a superficial online dater I decided I needed to see more pictures before I could be sure.

Its really an interesting little species and Im sad I didnt get to see more of. saw in spades that day was the Blue Capped Tanager!

These were basically everywhere at Finca El Carajo: Probably the hardest part of birding at El Carajo was the Hummingbird identification, particularly because it was an overcast day and the light was so low. w=1875 1875w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" data-recalc-dims="1" /The other two have been added to my ‘yet to be identified’ file and will most likely stay there til my brother arrives from the States at the end of the month with my field guide.

Quite frankly I have gotten sick of searching for them and so I have left them for a later date.

I have heard that Justin Bieber has started using a strange tactic for dating – he posts pictures of women and simply asks his followers to tell him his name and how he can get in contact with them.

In my frustration, this week I came to the odd conclusion that bird identification shares a lot of parallels with dating. But first, before I get into the intricacies of my half baked analogy an important announcement! So allow me to share this PSA form of a Game of Thrones meme for all Central and South American birders.