But after a few months into our relationship, I did a random check and his profile was visible again.

You feel sad because there isn’t proper closure and he hasn’t allowed you to own how you feel.

But you can get closure and own how you feel without him.

He is playing silly buggers now by being the one in control of the contact and the best thing that you could do right now is sit on your hands and cease contact.

You may well hear from him again especially when he senses that you’ve started to forget about him.

Everything seemed good, except he was back on the dating site.

I couldn’t take it any longer; I didn’t understand why he was looking for somebody else, when everything seemed fine.These aren’t the hallmarks of a relationship that can progress!This man has a lot of stuff going on and they all scream ‘red alert, abort mission’.If you wanted the relationship to continue, wouldn’t you say so?Wouldnt you say “Let’s talk in a week as I need to digest this and figure out things?Rather than wait for him to tell you, you should take the signs and the hint and don’t try to make a silk purse from a pigs ear.