Like all speed dating sessions, participants will have the chance to meet multiple people through a series of speedy dates with others. in good library fashion, a book will be the common discussion topic. We will host at our good neighbors Pound the Hill, and strive for a friendly and relaxed vibe for people to get acquainted and discuss these entertaining stories. In an effort to accomodate most dating preferences, we have arranged for three sessions: Looking to meet someone special? It was like Christmas morning watching their expressions and seeing them celebrate!

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The selection was rounded out by books shared by teachers, so there was a wide variety.

The group spent time perusing all of the different book covers, munching on pizza, and talking about the best books they have read recently.

As the pile of Blind Date books on my desk grew taller, I got even more excited for the event – each book was unique and meaningful to the reader that chose to share it, and their decorations reflected that.

Just after Valentines Day, we met in the library for a Blind Date with a Book Speed Dating Session.

If they liked the book, they can take it to the next table with them.

If, at the next table, they find a book that they like better, they must leave the first book at that table – at no time should they have 2 books at once. “Blind Date with a Book –or– Speed Dating for Books.” N.p., .

The weather is bleak, the midterms are rough, and the number of library books checked out is at an all-time low.

To get middle schoolers excited about reading at this time of year takes something extra special.

After doing some research online, it appears that it is a popular idea that teens really enjoy and it gets them to read books that they may not normally pick up.

All you need to do is set up a few tables, gather the books ahead of time (these can be a mix of fiction and nonfiction or just fiction or just nonfiction), create a scorecard, and have a timer (or watch/clock) available.

I loved getting this one-on-one time with some of my oldest, most experienced readers – their schedules are so busy that I don’t get to see them very often, so this was a special lunch to get to share.