Miserable conditions for miners led to the founding of a radical workers' party, the National Revolutionary Movement (MNR).

Every man would be pleased to have such an adoring woman by his side.

Bolivia is a landlocked country located in central South America.

The lowlands extend east toward the Amazon rain forest.

The official language of Bolivia is Spanish, although many Indians speak either Quechua (the language spoken originally by the Incas) or Aymara (a language spoken by Indians before the arrival of the Incas).

Women in Bolivia are notable for their appealing natural looks and their individual charm.

Mostly they have dark, almond shaped eyes, darker skin, and smooth black or brown hair.

Bolivia has a varied climate and terrain, or set of geographic features.

In the western part, the Andean cordillera (system of mountain ranges) extends from north to south. The center of the country consists of fertile valleys.

Most Indians speak Spanish as well, although peasants in isolated parts of the country do not speak any Spanish.

A myth of the early Incas and other Indians was that a bearded white man had come to teach the Indians and would return. When the Spanish arrived, the Incas mistook the white Spanish conquerors for Viracocha. In Mexico, the Aztecs called this figure Quetzalcoatl.

He founded the República de Bolívar (Republic of Bolivia) in honor of Simon Bolívar, the fighter for South American independence.