So now, those that have the know how, can download the full version of Windows Home Server, install it with a genuine serial number and not worry about it deactivating after 30 days since it doesn’t need activating in the first place.

bluescreen while updating itunes-30

CSR drivers from version 4 onward (4.0.55 and later) only support CSR-based Bluetooth devices.

Users say on non-CSR radios, v3.0.0.183 (7/10/2008) works in stereo, but v5.0.11.0 (8/13/2009)—installed by an optional Windows update—gives the Bluetooth Peripheral Device (Bluetooth Stereo Audio) a failed driver icon.

Microsoft this month is fixing another serious flaw (CVE-2017-8543) present in most versions of Windows that resides in the feature of the operating system which handles file and printer sharing (also known as “Server Message Block” or the SMB service).

SMB vulnerabilities can be extremely dangerous if left unpatched on a local (internal) corporate network.

In this case, you need to uninstall the update and perhaps forcibly install (downgrade to) version 3 or earlier drivers.

Whether or no, I’d advise against installing any optional driver update once your device is working desirably.

Windows Home Server has only been out for a month and a pirate copy of the final RTM OEM version has been leaked out onto torrent indexing sites The Pirate Bay and

The 1.54 GB torrent package even includes scans of the installation DVD, connector, restore and OPK CDs and a front package cover scan alongside the full ISO’s of the Installation DVD, connector, restore and OPK CDs.

Extracted from Dell Wireless 360 Module with Bluetooth 2.0 EDR driver files Dell_Wireless-360-Module-wit_A01_R155395for Windows Vista x86 / Dell_Wireless-360-Module-wit_A01_R155463for Windows Vista x64.