Last year’s champion was Bogoslof in Alaska and its activity continued into 2017, so can we have our first back-to-back champion or did another volcano’s rumblings take the crown?

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The images that make up the animation were acquired by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft between Dec. And if you’re thinking that the question mark is some sort of optical illusion, guess again.

The feature is very real: an unimaginably large fissure in the Sun’s atmosphere. Lose some sleep over the weekend, and you’re likely to come into work Monday feeling a little off.

Whether that’s zoning out in a meeting, missing typos in an email or something more dangerous like drifting off at the wheel, sleep deprivation blunts our cognitive abilities. Some people turn into zombies if they don’t get their eight hours, and others get by on just five or six hours a night.

Experts have known about these variations for a long time and … The fight, held in New York’s Madison Square Gard …

It’s an Attenborosaurus (yes, you can call it that) but we once called it a plesiosaur because it looked so similar to the ancient marine reptiles. Don’t worry—it won’t take long, since octopuses can only count to eight. Part one of the interview focused on the role of private industry in radically lowering the cost of getting back to the Moon. In particular, I wanted to hear more about the economics of what some people are …

A long neck, sharp teeth, four big flippers and a round body were all that it took to get into the plesiosaur club back in the day, apparently. Most unexpectedly popular post: Agar Art Contest Winners Grow Masterpieces with Microbes. 2017 is (finally) ending, and that can only mean one thing: the Seriously, Science?

Michael Bisping has fought professionally in mixed martial arts since 2004. He knocked out Luke Rockhold in the first round to win the middleweight belt in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, the most popular of several MMA organizations. 4 of this year, at age 38, Bisping defended his title for a second time. The ballots are in and the votes have been counted.

Time to count down to the winner of the 2017 Pliny Award for Volcanic Event of the Year.

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