His recent success at the Olympics, a From the outside, everything seems to be going Sock’s way.But there’s a problem: The success Sock has had isn’t the success Sock wants.He looked a bit uncomfortable, as though both slightly embarrassed and flattered that so many people had come to hear him talk about clothes and watch him play ping pong.

If he’s going to start living up to expectations — of others, yes, but also his own — he knows he has to start now.

* * * Sock moved to Kansas City from Nebraska in fifth grade to train at the Mike Wolf Tennis Academy.

It was the Thursday night before the US Open, and Kith, which calls itself a “multifunctional lifestyle brand,” was hosting an event for three of tennis’ rising stars, all of whom are sponsored by Nike.

The place was packed with trendy people wearing intricate shoes; many of the guests managed to make dad jeans look cool.

But Sock has something besides his skill and youth that’s made him seem so promising: He’s an entertainer. Sock needed a doubles partner after Pospisil rolled his ankle, and he noticed that Kyrgios hadn’t signed up to play with anyone yet.

Sock got Kygrios’ number, texted him, and Kyrgios — initially surprised that Sock had contacted him out of the blue — agreed to team up.

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MANHATTAN — Limited edition sneakers sat on steel plates bolted to the walls of Kith, a minimalist store in So Ho that looks like the love child of a laboratory and a post-modern cafeteria.

He had a perfect 80-0 record in high school, winning four consecutive state championships and the US Open as a junior in 2010.

He didn’t go to college, opting to turn pro in 2011 after graduating from high school.

Roddick had the misfortune of being born at the same time as Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, and Rafael Nadal. Sock, whose style of play is often compared to Roddick’s, is an all-American boy: Tall, handsome, personable.