Solution 1-2: Yes, you can by using a government-owned Blackberry though this is only applicable for those users in business class.

At the, the user has to select the Forwarding from Do D EE button.

Be reminded that such option is becoming limited more so because some AKO capabilities such as CONUS, USA and NGB are gradually being removed.

Solution 3-1: The profile must be updated by visiting the page of Defense Manpower Data Center MILConnect (

Here are the steps: NOTE: There are instances that the user might have to choose Email certificate when the non-email address is not working.

Here are the steps: Problem 7: How do I get support for my EE account?

Solution 7-1: If the user is at home, he or she needs to contact AKO Help Desk at 866-355-2769. If the user is at work, he or she needs to contact AKO Service Desk at 866-355-2769. For Army Reserve, he or she needs to contact the Help Desk at 855-55USARC or DSN at 312-879-8133.

This means that Do D EE cannot be set up on personal computers.

Solution 1-1: Yes, you can by forwarding to another or email address.

INFORMATION: This is cause by down Exchange server or other technical problems.