Atlanta, GA(Black — Black nerds and geeks from all walks of life now have an online social hub where nerds can finally get their geek on the right way!

Black Nerd is the only online social site dedicated to the dating plight of black nerds and geeks everywhere.

“One, I want black nerds to have great online dating options but I also want to engage people’s changing perception of black nerds and geeks.” A new day for black nerds has arisen, ads York and he may be right.

We strategically pick out a spot to sit down and sip our drinks while we wait for more invitees to arrive.

Minutes after we’ve sat down, a guy and another woman sit by us started to engage in causal conversation (names, occupations, other small talk).

The conversation started to lull a bit, so I began to scope the increasingly populated room to check out the new crowd.

Even above the music and not being able to hear the conversations, I can tell that there was a sleet of awkwardness that covered the room (people clutching their drinks for dear life, holding up the wall, and exchanging a few awkward and sometimes unrequited glances at others).

Since the room was getting a bit more filled, I decided to get up to walk to the bar to see who I could see.

It wasn’t a particularly interesting crowd, but I did notice 2-3 guys who I found appealing.

“It’s no secret that Nerds and geeks, particularly black nerds have specific tastes and preferences that may not fit into the today’s online social circles,” said Black Nerd creator and proud geek, Keith York.

Dating is no different which is why Black Nerd is a necessary addition to any actively dating black geek’s list of favorite sites.” Black nerds are able to do all the things that current dating sites offer and include more “nerd” options and “geeked-out” features built around the life, interests and trends that define the world of the black nerd a.k.a Blerd.

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