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Kristen is a Pulitzer Prize winner, part of a team whose "Assault on Learning" series about violence in the Philadelphia schools won the 2012 prize for public service for the Inquirer.

Please pass along the scoop about what’s going on at your Philadelphia public school; Kristen welcomes tips, story ideas and witty banter at [email protected] 215-854-5146. "They were transformative figures in my life," said El-Mekki, a veteran Philadelphia educator. "But it's also important for our white students to see teachers of color in leadership roles in their classrooms and communities.

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In Philadelphia, the number is better, but still low - last year, fewer than 400, or about 5 percent, of School District teachers were black men. "We have strong evidence that students of color benefit from having teachers who are positive role models, as well as from the changes in classroom dynamics that result," U. "If we have a high percentage of black boys dropping out of our comprehensive high schools, that's a leak.

The Fellowship has three aims: to hold periodic convenings of black male educators, to influence education policy, and to expand the pipeline of black male teachers. "All students need a diverse group of high-performing educators," Philadelphia Superintendent William R. If we have folks not prepared for college, that's a leak.A furious Charlotte then said 'He's blown it now'But it wasn't to be a fairytale ending for the pair, with the long-haired hunk saying 'I don't know how to tell you this but I recently split up with someone and I'm trying to get her back'.A furious Charlotte then said 'He's blown it now.' TOWIE star Arg, 29, who flaunted his trim frame after a rehab stint in Thailand, entered the first mixer with aplomb, but quickly attracted unwanted attention from busty Heidi He said: 'She's killing my vibe, I just don't have enough of a heart to tell her.At first, he thought that meant he had to be an lawyer."I didn't see education as the lever," El-Mekki said.And the return of Celebs Go Dating didn't disappoint as fans watched Charlotte Dawson get dumped by a Pete Wicks lookalike and James 'Arg' Argent complaining that he had been 'c***-blocked'.