I'll admit: I do not dedicate as much time to housework as some.

If I am busy, domestic organization goes out the window.

When she announced their engagement, her wife-to-be's grandmother had a long list of questions."She asked, 'Who is going to clean the house? Because, while I may not be a very good husband, I am a great housewife.

Later that day, after we had dinner, the waiter put the check in between the two of us. In a straight relationship, there's no question about who will take that job.

In a lesbian relationship, the decision to have a child — and many other, smaller decisions — spark much longer conversations. It might sound like a small thing, but it isn't — especially for women.

I am new to the area, and no it's not a pick-up line :) I'm originally from Kansas City, Missouri, and have come to the area to attend Full Sail's Digital Arts & Design program.

I'll be graduat About me..going to cosmetology school and planning on becoming licensed in July.

When that happens, it's time to throw out the map and begin to write our own.

Bella Thorne, who came out as bisexual last year, opened up in a new interview about her dating life and revealed why it’s harder for her connect with women versus men.

"It's so hard," the 19-year-old Disney Channel alum told (Photo Credit: Getty Images) The “Jersey” songstress also noted that women can be “very flirtatious” in platonic relationships, making it even more difficult to decipher whether they’re interested.

"I don't want to make a move, and then you be like, ‘Whoa, girl.

Sometimes they come from the inside and then are expressed outwardly, when we act to create balance or meet the needs of a relationship.

Sometimes those gendered traditions make people happy and comfortable — and all too often, they don't.

It is simply a priority that falls below things such as my work, self-care and social engagements. In my relationships with men, that always felt like a problem, as if my messiness became not just aesthetically or logistically problematic, but also involved me betraying an aspect of my femininity that played an important role in how we related to each other. I've been surprised with my current partner with how easily the food gets prepared, the kitchen gets cleaned and the bed gets made.