He could make anyone laugh and loved to have a good time.

Finally, just knowing I can kick his butt if I wanted to does give me a rush :) Sharon Missy and Sharon, you are both very important trail-blazers in what is possibly one of the most vital developments in history.

The photo of Rob below with the dog is from July 17th.

It just sounds like maybe they're figuring things out outside of the spotlight.

For that very reason, it's entirely possible Pattinson and Perry were just dining as friends — maybe they're even collaborating on a project.

I miss you every second of my life, I feel like a huge piece of me is missing.

I will miss when you kissed my forehead and said " I love you gorilla" I will never hold one of your kids in my arms, I will never see you get married.

She will now forever be our "Ninja in the Sky" and will continue her blessings by the scholarship we have created.

My only splice is believing that was the feeling you left when kissing me each day.Which would mean that twigs was in LA with Rob as recently as July 17th so if they broke up, it would have happened in the last two weeks.’s sources referred to FKA twigs, by calling her “FKA”.O' Conner, Marta, born , died in Beaufort, South Carolina Our Remembrance A mother who loved her children with all her might.If there is ever anyone who come across her picture just know that her heart was selfless and her devotion pure.Rafy I miss you and love you so much, the kids miss uncle Rafy, you were best person, you were my person.